100% Pure locally sourced beeswax tealight candles with crystals - 4pk


Tiger's eye combines the earths energy with the energies of the sunto create a high vibrational state that is nevertheless grounded, drawing the spiritual energies to earth. 

Tigers eye is a protective stone that was traditionally carried as a talisman against ill wishing and curses. It shows the correct use of power and bringing out integrity. It assists in accomplishing goals, recognising inner resources and promoting clarity of intention. 


Beeswax is a natural wax, when burned it produces negative ions which can help to reduce pollutants in the air.

Paraffin wax candles produce highly toxic benzene and toluene when burned. Beeswax candles, on the other hand, burn without producing any toxins or heavy soot.

They emit a beautiful golden glow when being burned and a subtle honey smell.


The wicks are made from 100% organic hemp cotton.


Burn time: 2.5 hours

    Tiger's Eye - Beeswax Tealight Candles - 4pk